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  • Tier 1: RadarUpdates

    Come with us on our journey!
    Free Plan
    • Shelly Phelps and The Storm Vinyl Sticker
    • Follow our Journey as we Record New Album
    • Access to an Exclusive Storm Chaser Merch
    • Early Access to New Music, Videos, Tickets, and Merch
  • Tier 2: Rainstorm

    Every month
    Get perks!
    • * Everything from the FREE Tier, PLUS
    • Downloadable MP3's of New Music
    • Shelly Phelps and The Storm Sticker
    • Exclusive Rainstorm "Storm Chaser" Button
    • 5% Discount on all Purchases from "The Storm" Store
  • Tier 3: Thunderstorm

    Every month
    Even more perks!
    • * Everything from the Tier 2, PLUS
    • One Online Concert Per Month (not available anywhere else)
    • Karaoke Versions of our New Music
    • 10% discount on all purchases from The Storm Store
    • Exclusive Thunderstorm "Storm Chaser" Button

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