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CD bundled with a tee, poster and can koozie!


Singing the Bones from Shelly Phelps and The Storm has been described as a "potent dose of redemptive retro soul-influenced roots rock". Shelly pens darkly cinematic songs that her band brings to life with its fluency in a bevy of American musical traditions, including soul, R&B, funk, blues, jazz rockabilly, and rock n’ roll. It is a darkly cathartic album themed around rising from the ashes, and reclaiming your place in the world.



  1. Chills All Over
  2. Love on Fire
  3. Sapphire Skies
  4. Legendary
  5. This is My City
  6. The Fire Within
  7. Singing the Bones
  8. Beautiful Broken Things
  9. Because of a Woman

Singing the Bones CD Bundle

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