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As the second single release and title track to the upcoming album by Shelly Phelps and The Storm, “Singing the Bones” represents the album as a whole with its theme of transformation. “It’s about going through something that almost destroys you and reassembling the aftermath into someone new and whole.”, says Phelps. “Bones represent our truest, most bare self. They are symbolic of truth and permanence.”

The song opens with a primal drumbeat from drummer, Jeff Holmes, followed by a cigar box guitar riff by Joey Albin that serves as a haunting motif. Michael Trepagnier (engineer and producer, Cardinal Song Studio) used guitars and effects to create a mysterious, atmospheric world where Shelly’s self-reflective lyrics thrive. “I start to feel my breath, and then my voice, and then my scream!”, sings Phelps in her unmistakable powerhouse, soulful vocals.

With diverse influences like rhythm and blues, retro soul, jazz, and roots rock, the Oklahoma City singer/songwriter focuses on reflecting the heart of the songs she writes rather than settling into a genre. “The whole album has a theme of ‘rising from the ashes’, reclaiming your place in the world, and setting things upright.“, explains Phelps. “It’s moody and raw and there’s a defiant swagger to the whole album, but with an air of positivity to some darker subject matter.” Phelps also includes songs of love, desire, and joy. “I would be remiss if I didn’t express the full gamut of the transformative experience.'', she said.

For Phelps, one of her greatest pleasures of writing, recording, and performing is connecting through music that expresses shared truth. “I don’t necessarily want to make people forget about their troubles. I want them to know they aren’t alone. That we are all on this planet together, in this room, in this moment together.”, said Phelps, “That everything will be alright, because we will make it so.

The single, “Singing the Bones” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere you stream music.


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